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Chimney sweep and repair work in Conroe and Houston, TX

Trust Guardian to do a Clean Sweep at Your Home or Office

Keep your chimney in good working order and your family and employees safe with chimney cleaning services from Guardian Chimney Sweep.
We’ve been sweeping and repairing chimneys in Conroe and Houston, TX since 2007. We clean chimneys of all types, as well as wood, gas and glass-enclosed fireplaces.
Hire Guardian Chimney Sweep to:
  • Inspect your chimney inside and out
  • Clean the firebox
  • Install chimney liners
  • Clean chimney liners
  • Rebuild/Repair/Install chimney crowns

Our chimney sweep team will arrive at your home or office with all the necessary equipment to clean and repair your chimney properly. Schedule an appointment by calling now. We offer free estimates during the summer.

Don’t risk watching your property go up in smoke

If you ignore the maintenance and cleaning needs of your chimney, you could be putting your home at risk. The buildup of creosote in your chimney is extremely flammable; if it catches fire, it can burn down your house.

Keep your home or office safe with chimney sweeping and repair services from Guardian Chimney Sweep. Call our Houston office at 713-401-2011 or our Conroe office at 936-271-9781.