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Worried About Starting a Fire While Doing the Laundry?

Call On Guardian for dryer vent cleaning in Houston and Conroe, TX

The last thing you want to do is cause a fire while drying your clothes. Make sure your dryer vent isn’t a fire hazard by scheduling vent cleaning services from Guardian Chimney Sweep.
We’ve been the dryer vent cleaning company of choice in the Houston and Conroe area since 2007. Our cleaning pros use specialized tools to clean your dryer vent from the outside to prevent damage to your ductwork.
Not only will cleaning your dryer vent prevent fires, it will also:

  • Decrease your energy usage
  • Prevent animals from nesting in your vent
  • Extend the life of your dryer
  • Cut the time it takes to dry your clothes
  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Eliminate dust and other allergens
  • Decrease the amount of pet dander in your home

Don’t neglect your dryer vent and put your family’s safety at risk. Call Guardian Chimney Sweep for a dryer vent cleaning appointment.

Your safety is our top priority

Rest easy knowing your dryer vent won't cause a fire by scheduling cleaning services from Guardian Chimney Sweep. We're committed to cleaning your dryer vent as thoroughly as possible.

In addition to providing dryer vent cleaning services, we install solar attic vents, repair chimneys and clean air ducts. Call Guardian Chimney Sweep today for an appointment. We serve residents of Houston and Conroe, TX.